• Belgium Danball - A street ball game played by two teams, each with three or more players. Information and rules.
  • DooshBall - A ball with elastic connected and a strap that has velcro attached. Wrap the strap around the wrist and bounce and catch. How to make one, news, top 3 tips, guest book, and the champions.
  • Scuffleball - A hybrid and team sport, combing elements of Football (American), rugby, and a little soccer. Offers rules and regulations, playing field diagrams, rules and passing examples, and game variations, such as Scuffle 7's (7-on-7 scuffleball) Flag Scuffleball, and Flag Scuffle 7's.
  • World Roofy Roofy Association - Sanctions the sport of roof soccer. News, tour information, club links, and a guestbook.
  • Xenon's Xexnonball - Includes rules, field layout, photo of trophy, and details about the World Xenonball Championships to be held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.